How profitable is your workshop?

  • Report on workshop contribution to total business income
  • Report on sale of spares via workshop relative to total sale of spares
  • Report on performance of individual technicians and of the group


  • Email quotations and invoices directly from your system
  • View GP per line item
  • or entire transaction
  • Set specific pricing/discounts for customers by product
  • Cash sale docket printing
  • Cashier control
  • Analyse daily Cash to Account Sales, with GP and average spend per transaction
  • Retrieve copy Invoices from current or previous months or years
  • Maintain customer database for Customer Relationship Management
  • Quotations with sms facility
  • Convert Quotation to Job Card
  • Job card control with options for serial number tracking
  • Job Card labels – adhesive labels identifying job number, date and customer details
  • Repair controls – manage customer stock sent to third party for repair

WorkShop Management using Accpick’s Serial Number Tracking

WorkShop Management and Administration is supported usingAccpickPos’s Serial Number Tracking system

Customers purchasing a new piece of equipment will have the serial number together with their details recorded at the point of purchase. Whenever future repairs are brought in, the equipment’s service history is accessed using the item’s serial number.

When the equipment has been booked in for a repair, the system allows for a quotation to be created and emailed or smsed to the customer before the repair work is done.

Once the quotation has been accepted, a job card is created and the repair work is completed. An email or sms is sent to the customer informing him that his repair item is ready for collection together with the cost of the repair.

A number of management and reporting options exist which support good business procedures in terms of customer service, stock control management, repair technician’s performance and overall service centre profitability.

Monitor Workshop Performance and Profitability

Improve your Customer Service

  • Open a Job Card via a serial number which automatically displays:
    sales and service history of the item
    customer details for both cash and account clients
  • Use serial number tracking to identify stolen machines
  • Advise customers when repair costs are likely to exceed cost of new machine
  • Where a quotation is required, option for sms notification
  • Allocate stock, buyouts and labour costs to a specific repair
  • Once job is complete, notify customer via sms
  • Invoice completed Jobs for cash or on account
  • Email invoice

Control your Workshop and Monitor its Performance and Profitability

  • Identify jobs pending quotation/jobs pending quotation acceptance
  • Identify jobs completed but awaiting billing
  • Identify jobs billed and charged out by date or job number
  • Identify cancelled jobs by date range or job number
  • Identify stock on jobs for all or specific technicians
  • Report on GP on jobs
  • Follow up on poor workmanship, identify technician responsible for the repair

Manage the rest of your business using Accpick POS, Stock, Debtors, Creditors and Cash Book Modules.

Stock Control

  • Stock labels – generate bar coded, adhesive labels at stock receiving
  • Automated stock take procedures with hand held stock scanner: count & verify stock while continuing to trade
  • Stock adjustments report on quantity and cost price changes
  • Price overrides report
  • Electronic download of supplier price updates
  • Maintain maximum allowable discounts per department
  • GP warnings
  • Promotional Messaging facility linked to specific stock items/departments
  • Key value item management
  • Serial number tracking facility
  • Enquiries per stock item: ave & current costs, gp margins, purchases & sales trends, stock on purchase order, back order & sales order
  • Track stock movement – top sellers – slow movers – sales trends
  • Stock contribution enquiry: sales analysis relative to stock holding
  • Supplier contribution enquiry: sales value analysis by supplier within a selected department with analysis of stock holding
  • Reorder by supplier / department with option for recommended reorder based on purchases and sales stats for the last 3/4/12 months and average thereof


  • Email invoices and statements directly from the system
  • Credit limits and terms warnings, automatic blocking where required
  • Debtor Notes for managing customers
  • Sales & gross profit performance reporting per account & analysis of items sold
  • In depth management of Salesmen performance


  • Purchase history per supplier
  • Return for Credit controls – mange stock items returned for credit/exchange to suppliers
  • Remittance advice enquiries over a selected period
  • Record and manage expenses

Cash book

  • Control your bank account
  • Income and Expense analysis
  • Integrate Debtor direct deposits and payments to Creditors
  • Bank reconciliation

Purchase Orders (optional)

  • Create and email orders to suppliers
  • Receipt stock against purchase order with back order option
  • Bar coded, adhesive labels on stock receiving

General Ledger (optional)

  • Month-end integration transfer from Accpick Point-of-Sale system
  • Trial balance
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Export facilities to spreadsheet

Management Reporting, Multiple Store and Remote Access

  • Link home / admin office/ laptop to your store
  • Messaging: communication facility for Accpick users on the network
  • Link two or more stores for Branch and Group reporting
  • At each branch, view stock availability across the group
  • For a selected Supplier: generate a consolidated group order for all branches from group and branch stock and sales analysis; facility to email order
  • Export of enquiry or report data to spreadsheet format
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