Accpick ERP Point of sale

WHY choose Accpick ?

  • Full Accounting package with ERP Point Of Sale up to General Ledger
  • All 126 Modules included in one price
  • 30 % to 55% cheaper over 5 years 6 workstation save even more on Enterprise
  • 33 years in the business
  • Great personlised support
  • the Sky’s the limit start with 1 user easy to migrate to 100’s no extra charges sq

The Accpick ECO System is extremely customisable and flexible its designed to run with 100’s of variables from setting up customised actions –: an example would be enabling the software to email the business owner at day end cash up time, a sale report.

Accpick is object orientated written in C, using a relational database linked to SQL and the cloud via PHP
Accpick data files are so small and reliable and extremely fast to read and write to with an average daily backup can be 2mb! this is why Accpick perfect to run via the internet
This is why Accpick can run UNLIMITED WORKSTATIONS sq ie 11 branches 50 workstation 35 printers 25 scanners

This is how Accpick works :

  • We install Accpick on a Linux server : setup email, internet and user access depending on permission
  • Virtual private Networks are configured on the server
  • Setup Remote or local email and printers and barcode scanners
  • Accpick can print to any printer connect via the VPN
  • On each computer the users require we install a small fast piece of software that connects to the server .
  • Accpick allows backup to be automatically sent to your cloud backup servers
  • Servers use RAID with 2 drives for storage and reliability

Accpick has a permanent call centre with experts in Networking Accounting back end and General Ledger
We accept phone calls or web tickets from our support website.
Support tickets are emailed the customer and only closed on request by the client or Accpick
Our engineers can update and maintain the Accpick Linux server remotely
We offer a license Teamviewer for each computer so with your permission we can offer technical support
Support includes data issues, month end runs or repairs to recover data printers, vpns etc

Companies AND Group reporting
Accpick allows for unlimited Companies ie
format Owner /Company /Branch
JOHN SMITH (owner) Franchisor
—ABC company DURBAN (branch)
—ABC company CAPE TOWN (branch)
—ABC company JOHANNESBURG CITY (branch)

  • Interbranch Transfers allow warehouse and stock to be moved from branch to branch
  • Group Reporting report of each store
  • Login to any store (branch) remotely
  • Remote orders can be captured by Salesman
  • Message your staff at any branch using the Accpick message system
  • Promote Specials using multi price and unique inventory system
  • Price updates and Catalogues supplied via head office can automatically be updated to each store
  • General ledger
  • The ledger reports are customisable according to your needs

Linux servers are open source therefore no maintenance costs

Accpick is on a pay per company use basis,

Specialties Industry that use Accpick

  • Gas – gas cylinder and management of weight
  • Jewelers – labels and values
  • Cash and Carry – Scale to weigh coins and receipt for Hawkers
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Manufactures
  • Hardware – paint
  • Mica
  • Time Freight Couriers
  • Oscars meats weigh meat at counter and manufacturing with labels
  • Remote order for Salesman
  • Chemical companies
  • Warehouse orders
  • Accpick Automated monthly Billing
  • Tuck Shops
  • Internal messaging over VPN to branches connected
  • Specialized Software
  • Funeral Homes – scan ID to pay out on death insurance
  • Restaurants seating kitchen front office
  • Rent collection Agencies
  • Spaza Shops
  • Servers
  • Cloud Servers hosted to your requirements
  • Pabx
  • Cloud Backup
  • Web reporting
  • Data transfer systems

Why pay for expensive Software to run the computer
Workstation s or Tills can run off the following software for FREE
UBuntu 16 Desktop version (similar to ms windows)
Libreoffice (similar to ms office)
Thunderbird – email

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