7. Cash Control

Cash Control Options :

  • Cashier Station Enquiry
  • Hourly Analysis
  • Detailed Enquiry
  • Print Report
  • Payout Details

Cashier Station Enquiry.

(a) Select, ,

(b) At the Cashier Station enquiry prompt, enter the Cashier Number.

Note: Leave blank to view Control Total for ALL cashiers.

(c) The following information is displayed:

Transactions Details:

The number and total value of all transactions is displayed for Cash Sales, Cash Refunds, Account Invoices, Account Credits, Receipts and Settlement Discounts, New Laybyes, Cancelled Laybyes, Laybye Receipts, Lay-bye Refunds, Completed Laybyes and Payouts.

Takings Details:

Refund Details:

Hourly Analysis

Hourly Analysis displays the sales movement on a 24 hour basis.

Detailed Enquiry

Detailed enquiry displays transaction number, transaction type, date, account name/cash sale, net value, profit and GP% per transaction.

to view display by Date and Time/Transaction Number/Value.

for detailed breakdown of a selected transaction.

to print report for selected Transaction/Range, Detailed or Totals Only..

Report / Print

Prints Cash Control Report.

Payout Details:

Payout Details will only be displayed if Payouts have been processed.

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