4. Cash Sale

Cash Sale Options:

  • Processing a Cash Sale Invoice
  • Cash Sale Information and Price Adjustment Options
  • Tender Routine

Processing a Cash Sale Invoice

(a) Select , ,
(b) At the On-line Cash Sale entry screen the system will prompt for Date, Delivery Details, Order Number, Job Card Number, Area / Salesmen Number as per the prompts selected in the System Parameter Setup. Enter the requested details or alternatively press enter to accept the default details.
(c) The Online Cash Sale Entry will be displayed.

(d) Click on to insert line details.
Note: A series of prompts will be displayed in accordance with the Prompts, Tenders and Point of Sale Setups in System Parameter Setup.
(e) At the Stock Code prompt, enter the stock code or alternatively press [Enter] and at the Description prompt, press the [Page Down] key to view and select from the Stock Listing which is displayed in description order. to toggle the stock search order by Stock Code, Supplier Code or Stock Description.
(f) At the Quantity prompt, enter the number of units sold.

Note: Pressing [Page Up] at the Quantity prompt will display last purchase details.

Note: Pressing [Page Down] at the Quantity prompt will display Quantity on Hand as well as Selling Price level 1, 2, 3.

(g) At the Selling Price prompt, Accpick will automatically display the Selling Price. Press [Enter] to accept the default Selling Price or enter an adjusted price. Where a maximum discount has been set in Stock Maintenance for a specific item this may not be exceeded.

Note: Where a stock item is sold below cost, a warning is sounded and displayed.

(h) At the Discount % prompt, enter the discount percentage amount. Where a maximum discount has been set in Stock Maintenance for a specific item this may not be exceeded.
(i) At the Tax Code prompt, Accpick will default to the tax status for this stock code which was set up in Stock Maintenance.
Where the System Parameter options have been set to the Tax Code Status, the Tax Code can be overwritten. Press [Enter] to accept the default tax status.
(j) The Total Inclusive Value for the stock item is displayed.
(k) To enter further line items select .

To capture a Non-Stock item, with the facility of allocating to the correct department with the correct Gross Profit:

 to select the required department, capture the Cost Price, Markup % and edit/amend the Selling Price.

Note: Department Name may be overwritten for Invoice Details.

Cash Sale Line Item Adjustments/Deletions:

Use the arrow keys to move the incorrect transaction line/s to the top of the listing and delete/edit as required.

 to locate a specific stock code captured on the Cash Sale and automatically move it to the top of the listing.

and to make correcting adjustments to the entry displayed at the top of the listing.

to display sub total details.

to insert comment details on the Invoice. (A “no value” entry)

(l) When all the line items have been entered, click on to update the Cash Sale Invoice.

(m) At the Update Options prompt, enter Yes. At this point the Tender Routine will be displayed. (See further)

Cash Sale Information and Price Adjustments.

Gross Profit

Pressing the left arrow [] before updating the Cash Sale displays the Gross Profit in Rand and % Value per line item. Repeating this procedure returns to normal display.

Note: There is NO prompt for this on the screen; facility maybe password protected.

Sub Total Discount/Selling Price/ Gross Profit/Header Details

At the Update Transaction prompt, substitute the Y with S/P/G/H

Subtotal Discount Facility:

At the Update Transaction prompt, press S to display the Subtotal Discount prompt. Enter the Discount % which will automatically be applied to all the line items on the invoice. A minus (-) discount will automatically increase the unit price of all line items.

Set Selling Price Facility

At the Update Transaction prompt, press P to display the Set Selling Price prompt. Enter the revised inclusive Total Amount of the Invoice. The system automatically adjusts the prices of individual items in proportion to the new total price.

This facility maybe password controlled

Display Gross Profit Facility:

At the Update Transaction prompt, press G to display the Transaction Gross Profit. This facility displays the gross profit value and gross profit percentage for the invoice

Header Adjustments Facility

At the Update Transaction prompt, press H to re-display Invoice Header details. This facility returns to the invoice header with the option to amend Delivery Details, Order Number, Customer Reference/Job Card Number and Salesman details.

Tender Routine

After the Cash Sale has been updated, the Tender Routine will be activated displaying the amount owing.

(n) At the Tender prompt, enter the payment type and amount.

Note: Cash Payments: If Rounding has been selected; the Rounding information box will be displayed showing the cash value to be accepted.

Cheque and Voucher Payments: Accpick will prompt for the cheque details – Drawer’s Name, Bank and Bank Account Number, ID Number and Telephone number.

Speedpoint: Process all Speedpoint payments by entering the value at the Speedpoint prompt.

(o) At the Vat number prompt, enter/confirm the customer’s vat number.
(p) At the Print Options prompt, select the required print options.
(q) Click on to return to the Point of Sale Menu.

Note: To return to the body of the Cash Sale once the Tender Routine Box is displayed, press [Page Up].
Note: To convert a Cash Sale into and Account Sale, press [Page Down] at the Tender Routine.

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