FREE  Windows management for your business

 (Accpick paid Subscribers Only)

Accpick now Manages your  Desktop Computers for your business Free.

Wouldnt it be great if you we told about a critical computer issue before it happened?
such as…

  • Virus
  • Security Threats
  • Slow performance
  • Slow internet connection
  • VPN
  • Printing
  • other issues etc

Accpick take the Hassle out your Desktop computer software patch Updates

We all want customers computers to be secure with the latest windows software updates?

BUT you too busy… Plus you have so many Desktop computers in the local and remote offices that you never get around to updating windows services patches and you don’t want the updates to slow down the internet during the day.
Perhaps you may not want to upgrade to a newer windows version?

No longer do you have to rely on the message box below we take care of this for you.

Why does Accpick offer this service? 

Accpick support calls are often related to windows software not been up to date

So Accpick has invested heavily in automated systems that ensure your desktop computers always have the newest Security Updates.
Accpick customers run from 1 to 100 computers with the new system and as a result, we saved many hours of downtime.


  • Software patch management for laptops if required
  • Notifications of slow performance
  • No limit on how many computers (Fair usage policy)
  • Antivirus software Free if required or use your own
  • Security measures in place to protect your data if stolen

Why is this service  FREE?

Accpick has invested a lot in infrastructure software management  – so we can now share this with our customers at a fraction of the cost.

The pictures below are examples of the computers management

Don’t worry we don’t manage software license all we do is the updates, performance etc.

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The Accpick team has been hard at work on all aspects of the company

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