500 custom Features !!

  • Want to SMS customers when repair job complete?
  • Change email reply
  • Remove  salesman name off an invoice
  • Serial number tracking.
  • Capture customer contact details
  • Refund empty bottles
  • Manage LPG Gas bottles on contract
  • Email  the store cash up Dayend Report  to your store Manager
Module description
Bar code Scanning Provides space for a 14 character code to be scanned
Bar code Scanning Required for CPT 711 Scanner.
Bar code Scanning Set to scan it allows @ prompt time for 14 character Stock Code. It will then scan the SMAST Supcode instead of the 13 character Stock Code to do a stock lookup
Bar code Scanning When scanning an item, it provides a little extra space so that the items can be viewed – NN is the number of rows, the default is 19.
Buying Listed suppliers – buying group.
Cash Book Ignores the cash book status if cash book month end has not been done. This was done for DTS Botswana.
Cash Control Cash Control pwd is in place – it should now prompt for the CC pwd when entering a negative quantity.
Cash Control Password control negative quantities in Dockets. Prompts for the cash control password
Cash control Provided Cash control password exists, system disallows a “*” for dept sale unless a cash control password is entered
Cash Drawer Open a Cash Drawer from main computer (old Interface)
Cash Sales On Cash Sale does not prompt for Tender Routine
Catalogues BSA catalogue. Catbosal.dbf needs to be in the data folder & iexplore.exe in the accpickx folder
Catalogues BSA catalogue. Client must have a BSA code.
Company Gives option to choose the starting company
Consolidate Stock Checks the date the data was last updated for consolidated stock.
Consolidated Accounts Payable Consolidated Accounts Payable
Consolidated Accounts Receivable Consolidated Accounts Receivable
Consolidated Stock. Consolidated Stock option on Quick Functions via ap job application.
Consolidated Stock. Used with Consolidated Stock. Will only show the QOH for items and does not bring up the menu of other options.
Contract Synchronize gasp prices with contract.dbf
Creditors Creditors Stock Receiving to print to defined slip printer & where ## is the no. of copies.
Creditors If credit limit is exceeded, Add Info field says SLIP, where ### determines which password is used e.g. STM is for stock maintenance.
Creditors If system name has any of the following”enter names here” then the period end all modules will ignore the Creditors – Now just 2 do a Creditor’s stand-alone Month End
Creditors No Access to Accounts Receivable
Creditors Shows the Supplier Name in a column at the end of the stock lookup window
Creditors Used by  Vets. When this is set, it prompts for batch items for any items belonging to supplier 101.
csv This will open some reports that are exported to csv in OpenOffice
Debtors Changed the Statement print to enable variable Page Length 2 cope with Kwik Fit Statement sizes. SET apstATELEN=51 – Will change the Page Length from Std Length 66 back to 51. Will also change Totals positioning and Statement message etc.
Debtors Debtors receipts print to the slip printer. Use ap.acc with APCASHPRN ev.
Debtors Exclude specific dept sls from Ave spend per head values from Dayend
Debtors If a Debtor uses the same Order number when in POS, the program will not allow a duplicate order number to be entered in.
Debtors If a Debtors uses the same Order number when in POS, then it will warn you that the order number has already been used.
Debtors Invoice at POS – salesman # set up in Debtors maint will not be auto i.e. it will blank & inserted manually by the salesman
Debtors NON VAT Customers. This allows customers to have Non Vat Debtors and will automatically revert to Tax Code 2 at POS. There has to be a comment in the Additional Info field on the Debtors maintenance screen
Debtors Warning for over credit limit when invoicing new account with amount over credit limit – option Y/N to continue with transaction
Debtors Will check – B4 completing an invoice @ POS – if the Acc bal + Trans.Val > Credit Limit – & if the Debtors is marked as “Block if Credit Limit is exceeded”. If these conditions are met a Credit Limit warning will appear, user will be prompted if they wish to continue, if they answer yes – the Debtors maintenance password (if it exists) will be prompted for & only if a correct response is entered will it allow the Invoice to be posted
Debtors Prevents user from doing a credit note more than once for a specific invoice
Display Pole Display Pole on
Dockets / POS Abc – computer name, xyz – Docket printer name, NN – Number of dockets 2 print, RRR.CC – is the value that the transaction must B less than 2 make it print to the slip printer, ddd – Second docket printer name. 2nd Cash Docket to print to a different printer the 5th element of the ev will be the 2nd docket printer name
Dockets / POS Allows a Dayend to be run from Dockets, which will print to a slip printer specified in the environment variable APDOCKPRINT
Dockets / POS At the end of the Slip we send a Function 2 the printer – Changed this 2 make it a variable, ie if SET APDOCKFEED=NN, the printer will feed NN lines – Currently defaults to 5 lines. This way U can control it on-site.
Dockets / POS Display Invoicing option in the Dockets Program Menu
Dockets / POS Display Invoicing option in the Dockets Program Menu
Dockets / POS This will enable users to print n Dockets when an Account Sale is done (Change Cash Sale to Account) @ the end of a Stardock Cash Sale
Dockets / POS To do a day-end from dockets so that it prints to the dockets printer
Dockets / POS Where NN = number of lines 2 feed @ bottom of Docket
Dockets Dayend – eMail Dockets Dayend – eMail of Daily Sales report to a specific recipient. System name = WATCHES or use set command. daily_sales_recipient=big_boss@headoffice.co.za  (where big_boss@headoffice.co.za = recipient name for eMail 2B sent 2).
Drop Safe Allow an option via Quick Functions on Dockets to do a safe drop, and if present in the script for normal AP it prints the Safe Drop as a separate amount on the Grand Totals Report
Email Activates fully qualified domain name.
Email Allows emailing from S/Orders. Normal email settings apply.
Email Auto = if not sure what encryption setting it should be; Yes = to be activated; No=to be deactivated
Email automatically send a request for a read receipt for any emails sent from Accpick
Email Clients email password for their ISP server
Email Clients email username for their ISP server
Email Email address that the SMTP server can authenticate for sending Dayend data to BSA head office.
Email Email address that the SMTP server can authenticate for sending PDF documents
Email For emailing PDF documents
Email For emailing PDF documents
Email If this setting is in place the sender of Accpick statements via email will get a read receipt back for each delivered statement – providing the recipient says Yes to send a read receipt
Email SMTP server name
Email Where ??????? is the remittance address when emailing of statements. 3x address lines
email csv this automatically emails the csv report generated to the email address specified. Where “email address” = clients email address
Email Reports Day End Dayend will not print out standing Jobs
Email Reports Day End Sends a Dayend to any given email address. The email address is specified in this environment variable. Email settings like my mailsender, mymail server, apx_mail in /accpickx are required as well in the script with this environment variable
Email Reports Day End Set Day ends to print to a network printer where ‘n’ is LPT1, 2 or 3
Email Reports Day End To send Dayend report on email. This will only apply to clients already setup with email & pdf.
Estimates Provides option on quotations to print an Estimate.
Group Orders The starting data folder – ie. 1st company in the company.dbf where Group Orders is run from  – has files POMAST.dbf and potran.dbf present and the Group Order is placed by Supplier.
Groups / Branches To process a group month end for multiple branches using group_monthend.acc – all modules including cash book. This will prevent the creation of the cbarchive.mon for posting into archive.
ibt Allows a surcharge to be added to an ibt. The surcharge is distributed amongst the line items on the ibt proportionally
ibt The receiving branch is on a different server to the sending branch. Certain settings need to be in place in the company.dbf
ibt ibt to be processed using average cost
ibt Allows you to choose the sending branch
ibt Allows ibts to be sent in batch mode, i.e. the ibt is in transit to the receiving branch
ibt An ibt is printed to a slip printer, where printer is the name of the slip printer and NN is the number of copies to print
ibt Cost price when sending an ibt can be edited
ibt Do not display option to update selling prices when processing ibt.
ibt Does not give the prompt to update selling prices in receiving outlet when sending an ibt
ibt Does not print the QTY and Values on the second copy of the ibt that is printed in PDF. Needs PDFPRINT to be also set.
ibt Does not print the QTY on the print out when sending an ibt
ibt Prints the ibt in PDF format to the printer specified in this environment variable
ibt Prompts for the cash control password when sending an ibt
ibt Sets the cost price to the average cost price when sending an ibt
ibt Specifies where to print the ibts, where printer is the name of the printer and type is the type of printer, i.e. set to L for Laser and D for Dot Matrix.
ibt Stock is in transit until received by branch – ibt***.dat file in receiving branch.
ibt When receiving an ibt, the qty is shown. A prompt to receive an ibt is only available if the ibts are setup in batch mode.
ibt With the stock requisition and warehouse distribution system the stockreq.dbf needs to be updated when receiving an ibt, where NN is the record number in the company.dbf for the warehouse and /data_folder is the folder for the warehouse
ibt Branch ??? want to make sure that their Jhb branch has correct S/prices, so when receiving goods in ?? branch + price has changed, if ON – we need to open target_folder/SMAST.dbf – with target_folder/SMAST.idx and set S/prices as per the values in this Stock Receiving
ibt data interchange Data Interchange is something that 2 move Stock files between the branches
ibt Reporting Feature to not distort their daily GP values when they process IBI’s. Will exclude certain debts from the GP reports. We have used the same logic and simply changed the bottom of the Department report to subtotal all other transactions, then list transactions to accounts NNNN,mmmm etc. and then produce a grand total
Invoice Blocks the use of same invoice number when capturing supplier stock Received or Expense Categories.
Invoice Enable attachments of invoices to be sent with statements.
Invoice Prints code & description on same line –
Invoice The default starting line for these transactions is 16 & can be changed using this ev where ‘NN’ = 1st line of line entries in the invoice.
Job Card Add banking details to quotations that are emailed and also to job cards that are emailed when they are charged out.
Job Card Allows a client to enter a manual job card number. The job card number must not already be used.
Job Card If pdf printing settings are in place, with this command Job Cards also print to PDF
Job Card Job Number Tracking-Job Number required for Cash Sale & Account Sale (JobMaster name + address lines 1 + 2)
Job Card This will automatically put a stock code onto a job card when creating a job. I.e. so as to charge evERY customer for consumables, so when they do a Job Card the first item on the job is automatically consumables.
Job Card To allocate jobs to Stores or remove jobs allocated to Stores. At Dayend a warning will be displayed if any outstanding jobs allocated to Stores present. Cash Control password to continue. (SQ Bethlehem)
Job Card To record address details in debtran & save them 4 reprinting (JobMaster name + address lines 1 + 2)
Job Card Will allow one to achieve the entry of Manual Job Numbers
Job Card Replaces the Cost-to-Date column with the S/Man column in the Outstanding Jobs report at day-end.
Job Card Prints the salesman name instead of the cost-to-date on the outstanding jobs report.
Job Card If stores jobs exist, then the client is warned and only allows them to continue with Dayend if they know the Job Utils password
Labels ??company on stock receiving via creditors to print labels with code, descrip & date.
Labels Required for printing boldness on labels. The 15 can be changed to any decimal.
Labels To print 40X??? Larger labels when using apx_label.exe
Labels To print item code on label.
Labels To print price of item on label.
Labels When printing stock labels, this also shows the sequence number.
Labels Where xxxxxxxx is name of shop
Labels System looks to see if the 1st 2 character of the LABELS=ON. It then sets the label printer as whatever is in position 4 for 40 characters on the same environment setting. After printing the labels it reverts back to the original printer setting.
Laybes Request a layby transaction password when editing or cancelling a password where a laybye transaction password exists in Utils
Manufacturing Includes ingredients that make up an item on an invoice, cash sale or quotation. This has do with Packs & Bundles.
Manufacturing When doing a Manufacture of Packs/bundles, it will now ask for Contract maint pwd – if it exits
ODOMETER reading Will ignore the 2nd prompt @ Job Costing (this is for ODOMETER reading)
Passwords If you do not want the restore to ask for password
Passwords This will prompt you for a DEBTORS maintENANCE PASSWORD when doing pro-forma invoices.
Passwords To ignore passwords when testing client data.
Passwords This will prompt for the STOCK CONTROL maintENANCE password when doing * for dept sales at POS
Passwords When adding a dept to an invoice, this will prompt for the stock maintenance password.
PDF Option to send PDF’s to optional email address specified in this command
POS Allowed to enter a negative Dept Qty + Value
Pos Allows Accpick Account sales via POS to print to slip printer. Needs to be used in conjunction with APCASHPRN.
POS Allows for capture of reg. no. et.c on normal cash sale or invoice
POS Bundles not to be reset to zero at Dayend.
POS Calculates the daily caship totals per user
POS Changed POS line item input. If SET APCPDISP=ON it will display the Last Cost @ time of inputting a new line item
POS It will select the PosDocs printer for that stanum # from printers.dbf to print account invoices
POS The POMAST is automatically extended when appo1.acc is opened. The S/Man will be saved in POMAST->ORDERED  if the System Name is ‘???’ or if you have this ev in place.
POS To print POS documents when charging to a slip printer. Where abc= \\computer name\xyz=normal POS printer name, then \\computer name\slip printer & NN= no. of copies to be printed.
POS To print POS documents when charging to a slip printer. XXX is the name of the POS printer, yyy is the name of the SLIP printer, NN is the no. of copies to be printed. If APDOCKPRINT=name of printer is present in the script & using ap.acc it allows for the cash drawer to open.
POS Will Bypass the S/Man prompt @ New Job, unless it is a cash Customer. If Acc Customer it will pick Sman number up from Dmast >Darea
POS Will not allow CASH Sales / Returns
POS If this is set @ the end of the Cash Sale – pressing ‘C’ for cash will open a progressive cash calculator option. This basically allows the user 2 capture amounts paid in coins + it will offset this on the Tender screen.
POS Does not allow Cash Sales at POS unless using a Job Card module
POS Receiving Empty bottles Refund To allow negative tender in dockets program e.g. bottle store receiving empties
POS Receiving Empty bottles Refund Prevents S/man lookup window appearing at POS when 0 is entered, system warms that valid s/man number is entered
Pos Weight If the setting is present, and a value exists in SMAST Weight field is > 0. Then a second line will print on dockets indicating the Unit Price, i.e. Line Value ÷ SMAST Weight
Price Generates STMaint_prices_yymmdd_hhmm_stanum.ap_price_change file each time a price is changed via Stock Control maintenance. Also can install price_check.acc which will extract history of any price changes.
Price Where NNn is the % to add onto the Cost + Selling prices of the file before creating the file. We need to icons @ Head Office – PriceUpdates local & PriceUpdates outlying – The make_master.acc needs to be run with a parameter indicating what file must be created, ie. Local or outlying, we’ll then create newmast_local.dbf or newmast_outlying.dbf.
Printing Allow printing of particular account sales where the word ‘SLIP’ appears in the Add.Info. Field. Other slip printing ev’s required.
Printing Auto Printing on Slip Printer
Printing Enable quotes to print to a slip printer
Printing Enables postscript printing. This should be used for printers that are not PCL5 or PCL6 compatiable.
Printing Epson dot matrix printers to open a cash drawer
Printing For printing PDF documents to a laser printer where “NN” is the number of copies
Printing For printing PDF statements to a laser printer.
Printing If this is in place it will bypass the PageLength Setting + hopefully not spew extra page
Printing Laser Printer
Printing N = Slip printer connected to DOS Computer – LPTN
Printing Print jobs will wait in a spool file with the message as seen below on Line 4977 – Before continuing, open a edit window and open the file to view it. After pressing Enter on this message box it will continue as normal – i.e. erase the spool file.
Printing Print labels at POS
Printing Prints Invoices over Windows network to printer mapped on LPT1
Printing Prints Reports over Windows network to printer mapped on LPT2
Printing Re-print a cash sale to a slip printer.
Printing Slip printer connected to DOS Computer – LPTN
Printing That station no. default printer – n=printer no
Printing The default lines that the paper will feed = 6. This value is reduced to 5 when on.
Printing The printer name of the labels printer e.g. argox
Printing To allow printing of quotations to a particular printer.
Printing To allow printing of quotations to a particular slip/dockets printer. Other slip printing ev’s required.
Printing To print job cards to a slip printer where \\abc\xyz=\\computername\printername
Printing When printing job cards to a slip printer. That requires slip,slip and slip,laser combinations.Type1 and type2 specifies the type, i.e. slip or laser
Printing Where cType must = d / l  for Dotmatrix or Laser
Printing Where n is 2 or 3. POS printing sent to LPT2 or 3 as per printer setup in windows. Job print setup as per normal
Printing z = Printer # U wish the Account Sales / Returns to print to
Printing Where n= Printer # U wish the cash Sales / Returns to print to
Printing Audit For recording to take place, make a new data folder called \accpick\reprints. Each time a reprint is done the actual NNNNNN.prn file is copied 2 \accpick\reprints and then only printed (where NNNNn = Trans # that was reprinted).
Printing Dockets Prints a unit price when selling multiple items from dockets & to print QTY – change setting in APUTILS to print CODE on POS documents
Purchase Orders To print purchase orders in PDF to a laser printer.
Purchase Orders Used by Vets and NNn is the supplier number when doing a stock receive through purchase orders.
Purchase Orders Used by Vets to specify the clinic date – /cccc is the name of the data folder that holds the clinic data. Used for purchase orders.
Purchase Orders Vets use this in Purchase Orders. It specifies the account number to post the IBI
Purchase Orders When set in the autoexec allow printing of Purchase Orders on POS stationery
Quick Function Keys F5/Quick Function Key – Stock across Multi Companies
Quotes To print quotes to laser printer. Where “printer” = name of printer
Records the user_name Till Records the user_name in the CFILE and also in the SUPTRAN USER fields
Remote Salesman orders Remote Salesman orders /wsale. If a new item is added to SMAST – the system will create stock_altered*.csv file and send it to the remote server into the remote data folder In stock maint – any stock_alt*.csv files that are > 2days old will be removed.
Repairs To print sales transactions & repair vouchers to a slip printer where \\abc\xyz=\\computername\printername
Sales Excludes specific department sales from the average spend per head values, where ccc specifies the department, i.e. 024
Sales Order Is present all options under S/order Trans (other than completion of a S/Order – which goes 2 PosDocs setup in printer setups) will print to xxxxxxx
Sales Order N = Sales Order Printer Name
Sales Order When asking for a S/Order to print + mylogo.jpg exists, a PDF version of the S/order will print to pdf_printer_name.
Serial Numbers (Where ddd=Dept Number as are the eee and fff etc.). If the item is in any of the departments marked for forced Serial number entry – a Serial number prompt will appear + will be saved as a comment entry
Serial Numbers If serial number tracking is turned on, this does not prompt for the warranty period.
Serial Numbers Where xxx,yyy,zzz are the department numbers for which you want AP to prompt for serial numbers
Shrinks Do not want Shrinks to update.
sms Enables an sms to be sent at day-end
sms Sends a sms to customers at Dayend to customers who have bought over a certain amount. This value is set in Utilities. The environment variable apx_sms_detail is needed for the sms account settings.
Stock Allow decimals when doing stock adjustment.
Stock Dissallow the operator to change the descriptions of the stock items when doing a sale.
Stock Does not allow Disc% in prompt table but needs the Cost + Mup in Dept
Stock If the ev exists it should only display Bulk items with the shrinks bulked into Qty Sold & QOH
Stock If the ev is set and the QOH – Qty being placed on the sale < reord on SMAST and the SMAST reord != 0 – it will display a warning but allow the sale to proceed.
Stock No Display of stock quantity
Stock Prints bin numbers on job cards.
Stock Shift / Tab on stock file to view Cost Price (F10 function)
Stock Shink items (pricing) to update when changes are made to Bulks
Stock Stock receiving via creditors to print labels with code, descrip & date.
Stock To choose which password to use for the Maximum Discount. There are many password types – most common are: sysglobal (for global password) and sysstm (for stock maintenance).
Stock Unit CP is rounded to 3 decimal places, instead of 2.
Stock Validates that the second description entered is not already in the SMAST in the descrip2 field
Stock When receiving stock through Creditors or Stock, there will be no prompt to update the Contract pricing. NAA requested this.
Stock Where ABCDEFGHIJ – is their cost code (word). A=1, B=2, etc.
Stock Where n = LPT that Stock Receiving must print to this impacts on appo, Apap and apst Apap – Changed the Open item payments to disallow S/discount to Credit Notes. Apap, appo and apst copied across
Stock Will update CP regardless of whether there is QOH at time of running Price Update PROVIDED it exists on the station running the update
Stock Bin New feature that will allow Var Rep by Bin #
Stock WholeSale Detailed S/Man report: to provide an option to report on W/sale customers or All.
Tills Station number of user
Tyre This will automatically charge for the stock code specified when any of the specified department items are sold. When any tyres are sold, it must automatically charge for Nitrogen. Therefore the stock code is nitrogen and the departments are all the tyre departments.
VAT Dockets Vat to print separately at the end of the docket
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