Coin Counter

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Wholesalers Stores experience coin and change problems when Hawkers purchase goods in bulk. Hawkers tend to pay for goods using coins only.

This uses up a lot of time at the till when the teller has to count Thousands of Rands in coins.
The Solution from Accpick
1. Once the Hawker is at the till and displays a bag of counts for payment.
2. The teller invoices him for the goods, the teller then issues him with a document and places the sale on hold.
3. The teller is now free to serve the next customer see the Denson video
4. The Hawker goes to a room where the coins are weighed and counted
5. A receipt is given for the money
6. Hawker returns to the till and gets change if any and a slip is printed for the sale and he leaves the store

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