You Really want to change your current bloated and expensive POS accounting solution to ACCPICK, BUT you are worried about the change and cost?

Don’t worry we give you

  • Free Training
  • Accpick is so easy to use and learn it in 10 minutes!
  • We convert your data to make it work in Accpick so you can keep your history
  • Support is just a phone call away 0333 43 6 000
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Do You Know the costs of running some of Accpick vs Competitors POS ?

                                                                              Compare Costs

Competing POS systems require the following:

  • NEW expensive Server
  • Huge internet traffic costing data
  • Massive backup costs 10 to 20 gib a day!!
  • Expensive Operating systems
  • Expensive Engineers
  • Competitors Provide only  1/30th of the Accpick modules

Accpick can run on old and new hardware with or without windows,

Accpick software is Environmentally Friendly

  • Perfect for running over slow internet lines
  • Great for non-technical users.
  • Accpick uses less data less hardware and less electricity!!
  • Runs multi branches and groups
  • Choose between Windows 7, 10 or Ubuntu 18
  • We manage all your connected computers for free (software updates /patches)
  • Plus you get the Free new Business Intelligence on Subscriptions only
  • We will take the existing information from your current accounting system and make it work with Accpick
  •  Save with Accpick 70% cheaper than competing products  Compare Costs

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