Accpick Bugs and fixes” 2019 ver.2018.00.0a1
Subject to our standard terms and conditions © 2018
In addition, may not be installed by 3rd parties only by Accpick authorized engineers.
Update will not make changes to the Accpick POS systems, or data .
Improvements to the Linux Gentoo Core and distro. Stops freezes, individual scripts and apps. Have been
tested. To speed up and reduce common issues, many scripts. accpick.acc improved.
1.1 Bug fix NxServer dropping sessions
1.2 VPN update to release (no changes to keys or domains)
1.3 Std check disk for space
1.4 Nagios update
1.5 Shore wall – none
1.6 core improvements
1.7 Speeds up server sessions
1.8 Security updates
1.9 Speed up boot of server 1.10 Extend life of server check heating fan
2 Firefox ,KDE FTP
2.3 https and ssh faster due to distro of bin upgrade
2.6 No-ip client auto update (no changes domains or login username or passwords)
2.7 New printer updates
2.8 Speed up station printing commands
2.9 speed up connection to the server via vpns
3.0 removes overlapping of printing
3.1 repairs printer alignment reliability
3.2 software updates for month ending
3.3 software updates for year ending
3.4 software updates for day end
3.5 updates for VAT % on reports
3.6 software updates for stock control
3.7 software updates for General ledger
3.8 software updates for emailing
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