Simple yet Sophisticated at the same time

Accpick – “Simple and User Friendly Navigation”

Accpick  addresses all Point of Sale accounting procedures and requirements in a simple and user friendly manner. This is largely due to the system being based on a Accpick  Interface series of graphical icons and integrated modules. Command instructions are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Clear, uncomplicated menu system

The AccpickPos system uses bright, easily identifiable menu icons to assist with navigation.

Swift Search and Processing Functionalities

35 years of experience in the Point of Sale industry has made the developers of AccpickPose fully aware of the need for swift transaction processing at the sales counter. This includes the option for the software to be keyboard or mouse-driven.

  • A toggle facility exists which allows information to be accessed by selected criteria.
  • Special pricing structures may be set up for selected stock items and/or customers.
  • Gross profit on each line item and/or on the entire transaction may be viewed immediately.
  • Automatic blocking of accounts for Debtors who have exceeded their credit limits or terms.

Economies of Data Capture

The integration of the modules allows all the relevant information to be captured and updated via a single transaction.

For example, receiving stock via the Purchase Order Module will automatically update the Stock Quantities, Last Stock and Average Cost, the Supplier’s Account, the Creditors Age Analysis, the Vat Control Account, the Purchase History Report for Stock Items and Suppliers and, where applicable, create a back order for items short supplied.

Accounting and Management Reporting

AccpickPos addresses all Accounting and SARS requirements as well as producing necessary management information and reports.

The Basic Accpick Xcellence Program includes Point of Sale as well as the Debtor’s, Creditors, Stock Control and Cash Book Modules through to the Bank Reconciliation and the Vat Report. General Ledger is an optional extra which is integrated with the Basic Accpick Xcellence program to produce monthly and year to date Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet – all with an export option to a spreadsheet. Options exist for modules such as Purchase Order, Sales Order, Inter Branch Transfers, Inter Branch Invoicing and Docket Printing.

Reports to substantiate and validate important business decisions include:

  • On line analysis of Top Sellers and Slow Movers
  • Sales trends by product item, department group or supplier
  • GP analysis per Department, Supplier, Sales Assistant, Debtor
  • Salesman Analysis by Department/Supplier, for Cash/Account Sales or both
  • Stock Contribution reports: Sales vs Stock Holding by Department or Supplier
  • Purchase History by Supplier/Date Range/ Department
  • Stock Reorder reports based on a variety of options including minimum stock levels and historical statistics

AccpickPos, the Internet and Remote Enquiries/Processing of Data


  • Emailing of Quotes, Invoices, Statements, and Purchase Orders via the net
  • ‘Online’ access to branch stock holding
  • Management and control of branch transactions from a remote location. This facilitates observation of current trading activities as well as processing and updating of data
  • Receipt/Download of Branch data at Head Office to generate consolidated trading information and group reports
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