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Enjoy POS Accounting & Stocks Management software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business. Accpick is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7.

Point of Sales System

      • Cash Sales, Invoices, Returns,
      • Access to stock availability and pricing by Stock Code/ Description/Supplier code
      • Contracts or special pricing matrix for selected customers
      • Quotations – at selected price levels for on-line faxing and emailing; convert quote to sales order; invoice from quotation or sales order
      • Cashier control
      • Hourly sales analysis for cashier scheduling
      • View GP per line item or entire transaction
      • Credit Limit Warnings on Account Sales
      • Receipt on Account
      • Reprint invoices from Current or Previous months’ transactions
      • Transaction queries by date, delivery details
      • Facility to change Cash Sale into Account Sale
      • Cash Payout facility
      • Day End Summary per station; consolidated for the store

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Stock control

    • Stock details, stock take procedures and stock reports by Department / Supplier/ Code / Description / Bin #
    • Maximum discount facility per Supplier

    • or Department or for selected stock items
    • Reports per stock item: average & current costs, gross margin, selling price, MTD and YTD sales and purchase statistics
    • Shrink Wraps – buy in bulk, sell in singles
    • Packs & Bundles – bill of material for inhouse manufactured items
    • Stock movement reports (Cardex) by stock item
    • Top sellers & Slow movers by quantity or sales by dept or supplier
    • Tracking of Promotional Items – “Specials”
    • Reorder reports by Supplier based on 3/12 months purchases and sales statistics, average and recommended reorder quantities
    • GP by Department/Transaction/Supplier
    • Sales Trends by Department/Supplier/Code
    • Sales and purchase history by stock item
    • Sales and GP analysis per salesman for selected suppliers and departments

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Sales Orders

    • Create Sales Orders, edit and repeat order
    • Option to convert Quotation to Sales Orders
    • Invoice from Sales Order

    • Reports by Customer/Date Ordered/Date Required/Salesperson/Stock Required
    • Back Order Enquiry by Customer and Product

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    • Debtors Monthly Summary and Detailed Transaction Reports
    • Email/print current/historical invoices and statements
    • Credit limit

    • and terms warnings, automatic blocking where required
    • Post-dated cheque control
    • Interest Charging
    • Individual Debtors GP Performance and Sales History Reports
    • Account Performance Reports
    • Sales performance reports for Sales Assistants, Departments and Sales areas

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    • Apart from Stock Purchases and Purchase history, also looks after expense and tax analysis
    • Creditors Age Analysis, Transaction

  • Transaction Reports and Remittance Advice

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Purchase Orders

    • Create and fax/email order to supplier
    • Receive stock via Purchase Order
    • Reports by

    • /Selected Stock Codes

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General Ledger

    • Month- End Integration Transfer from Accpick Xcellence generates a Trial Balance.
    • Income Statement

    • year to date and monthly analysis
    • Balance Sheet
    • Option to export to Spreadsheet

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  • Detailed (FAQ)
  • Frequently Asked – Questions with
  • Questions and answer Document

Enhanced Features

  • Point of Sale Equipment
    • Scanners – fixed and hand held
    • Automatic Cash Drawers
– open on completion of a cash

  • Stock Control Equipment
    • Scanners for use at POS and stock receiving
    • Bar Code Labelling System
    • Cordless Hand Held Stock Take Device for stock take ‘on the fly’ – eliminates trading down time and manual stock counts
  • Internet Integration
    • Real-time online remote access from Admin Centre / Home
    • Sending and receiving of data to and from other host networks

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  • Print Tax Control Report for relevant Month
  • Print Transaction Reports

    • Reconcile Transaction Reports with Tax Control Report
    • Complete a copy of the Vat 201 Form for the relevant Month.

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Management Reports

  • On line analysis of Top Sellers and Slow Movers
  • Sales trends by product item, department group or supplier

    • Salesman Analysis by Department/Supplier, for Cash/Account Sales or both
    • GP analysis per Department, Supplier, Sales Assistant, Debtor
    • Stock Contribution reports: Sales vs Stock Holding by Department or Supplier
    • Purchase History by Supplier/Date Range/ Department
    • Stock Reorder reports based on a variety of options including minimum stock levels and historical statistics

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  • Report of Expenditure sourced from the Creditors Expense
  • Expense fields for either a specific month or for Year-to-Date.

Cash Book

  • Monthly Income, Expense and Tax Analysis
  • Integration to Debtors and Creditors
  • Bank Reconciliation


  • New Laybye Entry
  • Receive Laybye Payment
  • Enquiry/Reports
  • Specific Laybye Status


  • Service Jobs
  • Serial Track
  • Repair Quote

Supplier Repairs

  • Faulty Warranties
  • Stock Returns
  • Stock Tracking

Multi Store

  • Compare Stores
  • Link two or more stores
  • InterStore Stock transfer
  • Consolidated Stores
  • Group Stores Reporting
  • Group Buying
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With over 35 years of company experience in Point of Sale and IT, and combined staff experience in Point of Sale, Internet and IT of 100 years, the software continues to reflect our expertise in the Point-of-Sale market in southern African, in particular our specialist knowledge in the automotive fitment sector. Vital to the management and control of any successful business operation, are ease of use, stability, system controls, inventory management and on-line sales, marketing and management information, in line with GAAP.

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